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Invention of the perfect hand climate for cyclists

Introducing a brand new system applicable on every bycicle

About Us

During cold periods on the bike, it is often difficult for the hands to get at an optimal temperature. A bit warm works with numerous existing solutions but not the comfortable feeling we want to create with Bikelia. For this reason, we have developed a brand new system to create THE optimal hand climate for the cyclist.

Our Product

What do we offer

handle cover with visible layers

The cover is made of material that shrinks after heating. So when you pour boiling water over it or hold a lighter near it, it shrinks like a second skin around the existing handle.

Handle Cover in Use

Inside the cover, there are heating elements powered by a central battery that is also co-mounted on the handlebar.

modified glove with middle parting – mode 1

The middle parting that runs throughout the glove provides 2 different choices of wear. Here along the inside of the hand is now just a heat-permeable mesh and in this way perfectly compatible with the heated handle.

modified glove with middle parting – mode 2

The middle partition now lies along the inside against the mesh, creating a homogeneous layer of insulation all over the hand. There is now no difference from a normal glove and in this way perfectly usable without a heated handle.

Why Choose Us
(over existing solutions)

unstylish and not the safest

When you have an accident, this solution can cause you to not get your hands untied fast enough which gives a greater chance of damage.

slower temperature response

With our system, you can easily lift your hand up a little and the wind will cool your hand down. When it is too cold, simply grab the handle again.


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