Use rainwater as a new renewable energy source

About us

Hydro Charge is a start-up company founded by four industrial engineering students. The story began with the idea of bringing a product to the market that would contribute to a greener world. By exploring this idea further, they concluded that there is great potential in hydraulic energy. The concept is to install water turbines in rainwater pipes of large buildings such as apartment blocks, warehouses, and sheds. The power of nature, in this case, the rain, will convert the kinetic energy of the water into electricity that can be used inside the building. 



HydroCharge is a watermill attached to a generator, this converts the energy from rainwater into usable electricity that can be used in the building. The energy can also be stored in a battery within the building for later use. 

The watermill is discreetly build in the rainwater drainage pipe, and the motor is placed in a slick casing alongside the pipe. This ensures that HydroCharge has minimal impact on the aesthetics of the building. A small tank is also placed on roof a the building to collect the rainwater, this can open close via a valve to ensure a constant flow rate. Multiple generators can be stacked in a drainage pipe to produce more energy. 


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With HydroCharge, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and increase their use of renewable energy sources without compromising on aesthetics or efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about how HydroCharge can benefit your business.